Healthcare Provider

  • Promote Work Life Harmony (Working ANYTIME ANYWHERE), Lifelong-learning
  • Helping the medical team to improve patient care
  • Uplift the whole medical sector

Community / Patient

  • Better Understand their health condition (data)
  • Better patient care (online professional consultation)
  • Reduce medical costs (less medical intervention)

Government and local authorities :

Through the data we provide, the example we notice people with prostate cancer increase tremendously compared to heart disease, more funds should be allocate to do awareness, procurement of medicine , more training on specialists on particular field.

Reduce waiting lines in a government hospital as very organized patient data is being presented. This optimization process leads to cost and time saving

Other IT providers

Partners with other IT providers to improve our healthcare system together. Together we develop a system that guarantee traceability, safety and efficiency of patient health record.

Able to access and monitor patients’ health data anytime anywhere through a valid and trustworthy set of information and data being provided.

Healthcare Institutions and Research Centre

  • More personalized medication ,better treatment can be provided through very organise and comprehensive health data
  • More advanced and targeted medicine or research can be carry based on valuable data.

Medical device Company

  • Encourage more advance and user-friendly medical devices can be invented, easier for the patient to upload their health record on cloud database
  • Promote home monitoring